Wraparound will run from 7.30am before school and until 6pm after school during term times.

For arrivals between 7.30-7.45 you are free to park on site when dropping off, after this time you will need to park off site. KS2 children can be dropped at the roundabout. For evening pick ups you are welcome to park on site.


Morning sessions will be charged at £5

Afternoon sessions will be charged at £12

All prices are inclusive of food 


For breakfast a selection of cereals and toast will be on offer during the morning session.

Children will be offered a snack after school - rice cakes, crackers or similar.

A light tea will be served at around 4.45. Options will include (eg) pasta bolognaise, paninis and beans on toast.


There will be a selection of craft activities, games and toys for the children to choose from. We will focus on child centred play and be guided by what the children would like to have on offer. We will also benefit from the extensive outdoor space that we will have at our disposal.

If your child would like to attend an after school club they can come and join us at Wraparound once it finishes.