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Accident Policy

The safety of your child is paramount and I will take every measure I can to protect your child from injury while they are in my care. I risk assess my premises in order to minimise the risk of accidents happening.


In the event of an accident:


* I will comfort and reassure the child whilst ensuring the safety of any other children in my care.

* I will assess the extent of the child's injuries and perform any first aid that I have been trained to do.

* if the injury requires it I will tell the affected child's parents immediately and advise them of any first aid treatment given.


I completed my first aid training in March 2022


If the injuries are more serious I will contact the emergency services immediately and accompany them to hospital if treatment is required.


After any accident I will complete a report in my accident book, I will ask you to sign the report and provide you with a copy. I will inform Ofsted and my insurance company of any incidents requiring medical treatment. I ask that you keep me informed of any medical or hospital treatment following an accident in my care.


You must give signed permission for me to seek emergency treatment for your child.

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